Crow’s Nest Hike

We didn’t start this hike until 5:30pm.  Our goal was to summit Crow’s Nest and grab a geocache that had never been found before (a FTF = First To Find).  We parked at Sugar Bowl Summit Access Road.   We followed a snow cat trail that was completely overgrown with wild flowers and bushes.

Thick with wildflowers!

Unfortunately, the field was also filled with annoying burrs/stickers.

Hiking boots after walking through the low brush and flowers.


After one hour, we reached the ridge of Sugar Bowl and found an old single track trail heading over to Crow’s Nest.  The actual peak is made up of a large rock outcropping about 40 feet high.  We made our way completely around to the south side.  We ascended a steep chute with lots of scree that was about class 2.  Upon reaching the true summit, we immediately recognized where the cache was placed.  Eureka!  The log was empty, and we were the first to find!

On the top!


From the top, we followed the old singletrack back along the ridgeline. This time, we discovered a road leading all the way down the hill. It was longer than our route up but much quicker as it was easy to follow.

Walking down the road with thunder storm in the distance.


About 30 minutes down the hill, we came across this super cool cave. It was one room cave with a large opening and a few smaller caves shooting off. These all dead ended quickly.

The cool cave we found on the way back down.


From the cave, we followed the road back to our car. We stopped a few times for cool photo ops.

Mt. Lincoln Palisades


The sun sets over the trees with the chairlift in the foreground.


We arrived back at our car happy and ready for a nice big dinner!

Here is a GPS track of our hike with the cave as the waypoint.


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