Sunol Ridge – Alameda County Prominence Peak

In perusing the maps, we realized that we had missed an easy P1K near our house. We headed out early one morning to rectify this situation. The peak is owned by American Tower Corporation and is not technically open to the public, so we hoped the fog and heavy rain the past few days would help us stay undercover.

We found a parking spot just down the road from the classic Palomares Road entrance.

Parking Spot

After a short but semi-unsafe road walk, we arrived at a gate which we hopped and began our hike.


The whole hike turned out to be a road walk. We were correct in assuming no cars would go up the road in this weather since there was running water and heavy mud on much of the road. After a short walk in the canyon, the road began to steeply switchback up the hill.

Typical Road Hike
Selfie in the mirror

Soon, we crested the ridge where we walked for awhile to the top.

Foggy morning

Since we couldn’t see the top, we always assumed it was around the next corner so this ridge walk turned out to be a lot longer than we though it would be. Finally, we made it to the top. With the heavy fog, we could only tell it was the top because of the towers on top.

Towers up top
Selfie on the highest ground

Even with the fog, we didn’t want to linger too long on top so we headed back down. It cleared up for a bit and we got some nice views.

Break in the clouds


A quick, but rewarding hike that I’m sure has some great views. 4.5 miles and 1600 feet of elevation gain in 45 minutes up and 30 minutes down.

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