Murietta Falls and (almost!) Rose Peak

Recently, we’ve been doing a lot of tough, but short outings and we knew we needed to do something tough. Luckily, we were invited by a geocaching friend to climb Rose Peak from Del Valle. Another geocacher, Kass joined us to round out the group to four. We are all on the downward spiral of our geocaching interest, but that is still how we all met.

We had done Rose Peak last year from the Sunol and we had hiked Discovery Peak from Del Valle last year, so we had completed all of our objectives for the Ohlone Wilderness, but we were more than happy to go out and get some exercise and have some good chatter.

We met at Del Valle at 8am since the park opened late. We soon huffing and puffing up the first big hill.

Pretty Trees

As soon a we crested the first hill (which is the Rocky Ridge HP that we tagged last time), we had to go right back down into another canyon.

In William’s Gulch

To climb out of here, we had to go up the famous “Big Burn”. It is really nothing more than a Coe-like steep hill, but it is one of the steepest Bay Area trails outside of Coe so I can see where it gets its name. On the climb out, we could already tell that we were not going to make it to Rose Peak today. It was a hot day and the hills were steeeep! No matter, we were only out for exercise and good company – which we definitely got. Finally cresting the Big Burn, we dropped down yet another smaller ridge to the falls.

Murietta Falls!

There were several groups sat around, but we easily found a secluded spot a little bit uphill from the falls to eat some lunch. While there, we revisited the cache at Murietta Falls.

Kass went to find it, so we accompanied him

The flow of the falls was pretty good, but unfortunately, we didn’t get any snow like our last visit. From here, we bade goodbye to Kass who was feeling pretty beat after the hike to falls and he headed back on his own. We headed out for Rose Peak with Karl. We had our doubts about getting there, but we wanted to at least try. Awhile later, we passed the turnoff for Discovery Peak. I had forgotten if it was negatively signed or not so I went to investigate.

Signage on the way to Discovery Peak

Not long past this turn, we could see Rose Peak, but we were dismayed to see a large canyon in between us and the peak. With daylight fading, we turned back and headed to the cars. We had seen this coming for a long time and fortunately, Karl didn’t seem too disappointed either as he had also climbed the peak from Sunol a few months earlier.

Rose Peak across the canyon!

We retraced our steps, but taking the ridge around the falls to avoid having to drop back down again. Right before the burn, we stopped off at Schielepper Rock so we would have something to put on peakbagger.


19.5 miles and 5200 feet of climbing. A great day with some fine people!





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